Summer Programs

Summer Programs

As part of the Summer Sport Cycle, SOBC – North Shore offers 9 different programs.  Although some programs run during the Fall and Winter months, they are still considered part of the Summer Competitions.  To learn more about each program, select the program name below:

10 Pin Bowling
An exciting program, 10 pin bowling athletes compete at a variety of skill levels.  This program is great for athletes of any age and ability.  Offered on Saturday mornings, September through March.

Offering training in a variety of strokes for athletes of different abilities, our swim program is a great workout for athletes of all ages.  This program runs on Saturday mornings from September through March.

Another popular program with SOBC – North Shore, our basketball program offers excitement for athletes of all abilities.  Our basketball program has both team and individual skill components and annually hosts a March Madness Tournament that is the largest Special O tournament this side of Toronto.  We offer level B and C divisions, and the program runs from September through March on Sunday afternoons.

Athletes who enjoy our bowling programs may also enjoy playing bocce, this program supports eye-hand coordination and is easily enjoyed by individuals of any ability.  Offered Wednesday evenings from April through June.

Our golf program is adapted for athletes of all abilities, offering skills practice at the driving range, as well as opportunities to play on local courses, this program has a little to offer everyone.  The program runs on Monday evenings, April through June.

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics offers our female athletes a program that combines strength, flexibility and artistry.  Athletes learn routines set to music in a variety of events.  This program runs on Thursday evenings, September through March.

One of the world’s most popular sports, this program is a great fit for our Local.  Athletes learn individual skills, as well as participate in team competitions.  Offered on Monday evenings, April through June.

This great team sport allows our athletes to learn slow-pitch skills.  We currently offer level B and C divisions for this program, athletes are assessed at the start of each season and assigned to the appropriate level and team.   This program runs April through June on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Track and Field
Our track and field program offers athletes the ability to participate in a range of athletic events including running, jumping, javelin and shotput.  Open to athletes of any ability and age.  Runs April through June on Tuesday evenings.

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