2017 SOBC Summer Games


July 6th – 8th, 2017
Kamloops BC

Our athletes and coaches are heading to Kamloops this July to participate in the 2017 SOBC Summer Games!  We’re excited to have 58 athletes and 21 coaches representing SOBC – North Shore as part of the Region 5 team!

Athletes will compete in aquatics, athletics, basketball, bocce, 5 pin bowling, 10 pin bowling, and rhythmic gymnastics.  For our 5 pin bowlers, this will be the last time competing in 5 pin during the Summer Games, after this cycle our 5 pin bowling will move to the winter games cycle.

Congratulations to the following athletes:

  • Emma Henderson, Mary McLaughlin & Rob Misjak (Aquatics)
  • Mark Davies, David Delatorre, George Doykov, Manuel Enright, Daniel Gawenda, Shannon McCartney, Lauren Philley, Stephan Schoeller, Albert Schoemaker, Tamika Shaw, Matt Stokes & Kristina Tammark (Athletics)
  • Pierce Burns, Aiden Fisher-Lang, DJ Gilbert, Rafael Greenaway, Erol Gunenc, Nick Kellof, Kendrick Lim, Danny MacLean, Siann Montgomery, Josh Moon, Emilie Narcise, Billy Peterson, Jesse Price, Jeremy Sellars, Gallagher Stevens, Kara Williams & Sangeon Yoo (Basketball)
  • Rachel Bradshaw, Ashley Freund, Danielle Juilfs,  Jodi Klukas, Tanya Salih & Mary Ann Saunders (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
  • Louann Berglof, Melanie Caulder, Erin Imai, Erin Knowlton, Nick Mascott, Drew Matheson, Lynn McGuire, Sara Metcalf, Bill McKibbin, Caity Olsen, Nimet Salemohamed, Jeff Westmoreland, Nancy Wilson & Shannon Wotton (5 Pin)
  • Dini Antonio & Gary Jones (10 Pin)
  • Bo Ashley Bardot, Adam Marriott, David Shoring & Joshua Smith (Bocce)

Thank you to the following coaches:

  • Tracy Evans & Matthew Liang (Mission Staff)
  • Jayne Baggott (Aquatics)
  • Molly Evanshen, Rob Lipski & Heather Shaw (Athletics)
  • Luke Harris, Hamid Khatami, Zak Klein, William Moon, Kylie Parkinson & Sean Revilla (Basketball)
  • Roma Krusch (Bocce)
  • Willi Collins (Golf)
  • Jamie Haroldson & Lisa Haroldson (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
  • Miranda Holroyd, Trudy McClughan, Carla Olsen & Donna Weller (5 Pin)
  • Nancy Antonio (10 Pin)

Good luck to all of our athletes and coaches heading to the games!

Looking for more information about the 2017 BC Summer Games?  Check out the official site by clicking here.

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