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SOBC – North Shore boasts over 250 volunteers but we can always use more!  Below is a list of volunteer positions that are currently available.  Please contact Aria Shokoohi, at Volunteering@sobcnorthshore.ca if you are interested in filling one of these vacancies.  Help make a difference in the life of an athlete while making a difference in your own!




We are currently looking for an energetic, motivated, creative individual or individuals to take on the role of Fundraising Coordinator for our Local.  It takes a lot of funding to keep our 28 programs up and running and we need you to help out by planning and executing 1 to 2 fundraising events for us a year.  These fundraisers will be separate from our regular annual events like the Walkathon and West Van Run and may be as simple or as elaborate as you are willing to imagine!

If you are interested in this position, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Aria.


We need a responsible individual to assist with the management of all of the equipment our programs need.  In this role, you will be the keyholder for our equipment storage and will work with program coaches/managers to ensure they are able to access the equipment they need, when they need it and return the equipment when their program is finished for the season.  You’ll also occasionally source new equipment for us, ensuring purchases meet the necessary safety and budget requirements.

Pleased contact Aria Shokoohi, our Volunteer Coordinator, if you are interested in this position.


With 6 dances every season, we need an energetic fun individual to head up our social committee!  In this role you’ll ensure the venue and our awesome DJ are booked for the scheduled dates, work with the committee on decor and treats, the oversee the dances to ensure everything runs smoothly.  Our athletes LOVE our dances, so this role is very important to our Local!  Its a little bit of work and DEFINITELY a whole lot of fun!

Reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Aria, if you’re interested!


These committee members answer directly to our Social Coordinator, attend and help oversee our dances.  We require volunteers who can help out with setup, cleanup and assisting with our concession stands during the dances.  We have one more dance scheduled for this year on June 16th.


This role requires an individual to take care of promoting our awesome Local!  In this role, you’ll be responsible for generating our monthly newsletters, posting information about our Local on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, as well as maintaining content on our website.  Training can be provided for anyone interested in taking on this position!

If you are available to assist with supporting our dances please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Aria.


As a Special Olympics coach, you bring enthusiasm, commitment and a positive attitude to each practice, event and competition, enriching the lives of the athletes you meet.

In return, you develop relationships with athletes who inspire you with their dedication, perseverance and courage. You learn new skills, meet new people and gain unique experiences, enriching your own life in turn.

Special Olympics BC volunteers can fill the following coaching roles:


The head coach is ultimately responsible for all actions within his/her sports program. She/he determines and develops the yearly goals, seasonal plans and budgets along with the assistant coaches; regularly communicates with assistant coaches, program volunteers, athletes, parents/caregivers and local executive members; serves as the voice/spokesperson for the athletes/team; facilitates practices; ensures attendance, training and safety of athletes at practices; ensures all athletes attend a minimum of one competition; and delegates to assistant coaches/program volunteers. Must be 19 years of age or older, and must complete proper certification within first year.


The assistant coach helps head coach with all duties; assists with training and supervision of athletes at practices and competitions; and regularly communicates with head coach. Must be 16 years of age or older, and must complete proper certification within first year.


A program volunteer assists the head/assistant coaches with training at practice and regularly communicates with head coach. Must be 12 years of age or older.

Current Positions Available:

  • Manager, 5 Pin Bowling
  • Program Volunteers, Rhythmic Gymnastics

5-Pin Bowling Spare Scorekeepers:

We are looking for both full-time and spare scorekeepers to help out with our 5-pin program on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Spares sometimes are requested with lots of notice (in cases of upcoming vacations or events) and at others with very little (this would occur if someone is ill, has to work late or has an emergency).  We’re happy to provide training if you’re happy to provide the time!

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