Support Us!

There are many ways for you or your company/organization to make a positive impact in your community through SOBC – North Shore. Whether you choose to make a cash donation, provide a gift-in-kind donation, sponsor a fundraising or special event, or initiate a new fundraising event, supporting SOBC – North Shore provides you with opportunities to:

~ Make a lasting and visible impact in communities across the North Shore.

~ Support a reputable non-profit organization with regional, provincial, national and international scope.

~ Inspire your family, friends or colleagues to join you in your support.

~ Experience the satisfaction of helping athletes with intellectual disabilities succeed—in sport and in life!

If you or someone you know would like to make a donation to our Local, please mail a cheque or money order payable to SOBC – North Shore. Donations can be sent to:

SOBC – North Shore
1379 Chuckart Place
North Vancouver, BC V7J 1R8

TAX RECEIPTS are issued for donations over $20. To receive a tax receipt, please ensure that you provide the following information with your donation:

Your Name
Postal Code
Telephone Number

Upcoming Sponsorship Opportunities

SOBC – North Shore regularly holds events that require sponsors for support!  These events may include tournaments, like our Annual March Madness Tournament, or fundraisers, like our annual Walkathon.  Stay tuned for information on upcoming sponsorship opportunities!

Fundraising Events

SOBC – North Shore has several fundraising events every year, below is a list of our planned events for the upcoming year (click on the event name for more information):

WestVanRun – Every year the WestVanRun holds a variety of running events with proceeds donated back to our Local.  We’re proud to be partnered with this amazing group of individuals!
Walkathon – Our annual Walkathon allows our athletes to raise pledges for our Local, then get out and enjoy a stroll (or run) along the seawall in West Vancouver!