Youth and Fitness Programs

Youth and Fitness Programs

SOBC – North Shore offers a variety of programs for younger athletes, as well as additional fitness programs for athletes of all ages.  Although not part of an official competition cycle, these programs allow our athletes to grow into the competitive programs and improve their performances.  Below is a list of the programs offered by SOBC – North Shore, click on the program name for more information:

Active Start (Not currently running, but available upon interest)
This program is available for children from age 2-6.  Children learn basic skills by playing games, to prepare them for living an active lifestyle.  Program runs on Sunday afternoons, September through March.

FUNdamentals (Not currently running, but available upon interest)
For children ages 7-11, this program provides a higher level of skill training and introduces children to basic sport skills.  After participation in FUNdamentals, children will have the experience necessary to advance into specific sport training through our Sport Start programs.  This program runs Sunday afternoons, September through March.

Sport Start Basketball (Not currently running, but available upon interest)
Young athletes aged 12-21 may participate in our Sport Start Basketball program, this program will introduce them to basic basketball skills and team sports.  From Sport Start Basketball, the athletes may then advance into our more competitive Basketball program.  Program runs on Sunday afternoons, September through March.

Sport Start Soccer
Designed to give young athletes, aged 12-21, Sport Start Soccer introduces athletes to basic soccer skills.  As young athletes advance in their soccer training, they may move on to our competitive Soccer program.  Program runs on Monday evenings, April through June.

Sport Start Swimming
For athletes from 12-21, our Sport Start Aquatics program teaches basic swim skills to prepare an athlete for advancement into our competitive program.  Athletes are taught basic swim techniques and different strokes through a variety of drills and games.  This program runs Saturday mornings, September through March.

Club Fit
Club Fit is a fitness program available for all athletes ages 14 and up.  This program provides additional strength and conditioning to accompany athlete training in their other sports.  It’s a great opportunity for athletes of any age or ability to incorporate more activity into their lifestyle.  This program is offered September through March on Tuesday evenings.