Competition Cycle: Summer9294425611_e2e536a708_b

Season: September – April

Description: Special Olympics Basketball offers a wide array of skills that are appropriate for athletes of various ages and skill levels.  Basic skills such as shooting, dribbling, passing and communication are reiterated at every practice.  Multiple drills and assessments are used to teach the fundamentals of this game. Unlike other Special Olympics sports, we use a progressive learning style, which integrates athletes of varying levels of ability, age and gender into the same game. For those uncomfortable in a game scenario, individual skills competititions (measuring shooting, dribbling and passing) are available.

Coach’s Comments: We pride ourselves on the learning styles used. Thus far progressive learning has worked brilliantly for our team and we have seen major progress in each and every individual over the past four years.  To ensure the progress of each athlete, coach and our team as a whole, our coaching staff has made a point to implement goals for each player, volunteer and the team.  Also, we boast the youngest coaching staff in SOBC North Shore and are very proud to have so many university students involved.

Number of competitors: 55

Number of competitions: 2-3 per season

Basketball Events: SOBC – North Shore is hosting our 8th annual March Madness tournament March 3 & 4, 2018.

Fundamentals include: passing, dribbling, shooting and rebounding
Skills and scrimmages amongst ourselves and other locals
Individual skill competitions

North Shore Contact:
Kelly Klein