Maria Maroulis

Sports: 5 Pin Bowling and Softball C

What you like best about SOBC: I like having fun with friends and learning new skills at softball. I have fun and I like to laugh.

Greatest Accomplishments: I am proud of myself for when I listen to the coaches and for working hard on being a brave, mature adult. I want to be a good team player and work hard next year to be good to my team.

Favourite Colour: My favourite color is lime green.

Favourite Movie: Two movies I like a lot are “Nightmare on Elm Street” and Mike Meyers in “Halloween”. I love horror movies.

Favourite Food: I have a whole bunch of favourite foods, lasagne, chicken drumsticks, chilli, prawns and submarine sandwiches.

Favourite Song: “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

Biggest Fans: Denise and Cheryl from Special Olympics and my family.