Willi Collins


SPORT(S) YOU COACH: Alpine Skiing

HOW YOU BECOME INVOLVED: For many years before I volunteered with Special O, my mother had been pestering me to get involved. She started to become ruthless and ordered me to help my brother while insistent that I meet the Alpine Skiing Head Coach, Randy Scott…well I just couldn’t take it anymore so my brother, “Straight ahead Fred”, and I went to the dry land training session to meet Randy. I said “hello”. Randy acknowledged me for a tenth of a second and went right back to commanding the troops. I was slightly taken back by this, thinking to myself, Randy’s possibly thinking “so how long is this guy gonna be sticking around” and not sure what to do. Being my first day on the job, I looked over to see the athletes jogging and joined in. Now that 10 years have passed, I managed to escape from work to attend my first Provincial Winter Games and was given the dubious honour of ‘Rookie’ Head Coach. 

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT COACHING SPECIAL O ATHLETES: Over my 10 years with Special O, I’ve learned more about life than any other experience could offer me. With my world of tough luv, and the forever innocence and affection given by our athletes, I feel touched and wealthier for the journey and experience. It will never be forgotten nor held lightly in my cement hands. Thank you, Special O, for showing me what compassion and kindness really mean.

BEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Serving as Head Coach at the 2011 Winter Championships.

Now let’s ring our cow Bells, “Hammer those Gates” and ski faster than the wind, GO GO GOOooo…