Susan McCabe


SPORTS PLAYED: In the past: Swimming, Soccer, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Basketball. This year: 5-Pin Bowling, Snowshoeing, and Track and Field

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT PLAYING SPORTS: Playing sports gives me the opportunity to learn new skills and be with good friends. It also helps me stay trim and physically fit.

BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN SPECIAL OLYMPICS: I attended 3 National Games. The 1990 Summer Games – winning 2 bronze medals in track; the 1996 Winter Games – winning 2 bronze medals in snowshoeing; and the 2000 Winter Games – winning 1 gold medal in snowshoeing.

FAVOURITE COLOR(S): Red and pink

FAVOURITE BOOK: Disneyland Adventure

FAVOURITE MOVIE: Phantom of the Opera

FAVOURITE FOOD(S): Tomato sandwich and chicken

FAVOURITE SONG: Master of the House from Les Miserables

BIGGEST FANS OR SUPPORTERS: My Mom and sisters, as well as my friends and coaches.