Sioned Dyer

Years involved with Special Olympics: Four years. I was involved for two years with Special Olympics in London Ontario while at University and currently this is my second year with Special Olympics on the North Shore!

Sport(s) you coach: I currently coach rhythmic gymnastics and soccer.

How you became involved: I have always loved to play sports – particularly soccer- it has taught me so many great lessons about myself and about life. I wanted to support my local community in helping any interested participants to have the same positive experiences I did. Special Olympics seemed like a great place for that, so I signed up!

What do I like about coaching Special O athletes? Where to start?! I like to watch the camaraderie amongst the athletes; there’s been a lot of support and encouragement on the teams I’ve coached. I also like to watch an athlete progress in their development; it is always very inspiring to me.

Best accomplishments: Well considering I had no gymnastics background before Special O, my best accomplishment has been actually learning the rhythmic routines for myself (I still get pointers from some of the athletes)! Otherwise, I value my role as someone helping athletes to change the ‘I can’t do it, it’s too hard’ mentality to the ‘I am going to try my best’ attitude. To me, having the right attitude is one of the greatest lessons I’ve taken away from organized sport.