Sean Piekaar

Years involved with Special Olympics: As simple and straight forward a question as this is, I am hard pressed to provide a definitive number. I believe, including 2010, it may be 13+ years.

Sport(s) you coach: I have been fortunate enough to participate as a coach in soccer.

How you became involved: A very good friend was involved with the North Shore Connexions Society. Knowing my love for soccer, in conjunction with my playing/coaching history, suggested I volunteer, to which I am very grateful I did.

What do I like about coaching Special O athletes: No matter the weather, the day, a game or practice, if the athlete is tired or maybe feeling a bit sick, every athlete is always committed to doing their very best. Demonstrating they want to learn and become better individual as well as team players. I am very inspired by the incredible sportsmanship, enthusiasm and joy demonstrated by all of the athletes.

Best accomplishments: I am very proud how our organization has improved over the years and the many fantastic awards we have won at the tournaments we have participated. However, I think the best accomplishment is the fact that year after year the athletes return to participate in soccer as a group and team.

I would like to thank all of the athletes as well as coaches who have participated in soccer over the years.