Brent Yager


SPORTS YOU COACH: North Shore Basketball (Wildcats)

HOW YOU BECAME INVOLVED:  A good friend (Tyrone Liebenberg) who is also an athlete with the North Shore Wildcats basketball team and his family introduced me to Special O

WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT COACHING SPECIAL O ATHLETES: There are so many aspects of coaching special o athletes that is truly rewarding but if I had to be brief they are simply wonderful people to be around.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of their goals, achievements and to see them succeed in sport, friendships, and at life.

BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN COACHING: Winning tournaments, being best division, and handing out personal awards to athletes is great but I always feel my greatest accomplishment is when the athletes personally tell me how much they enjoyed the season and how happy they were to have played with me.