Jessica Der


Greatest accomplishments:
In School:

  • Completion of the Basic Occupational Education – Retail and Business Services  at Douglas College

In Sports:

  • In a  BCSSA Speedskating meet in Chilliwack , competing and finishing the 1K race
  • In Special O Alpine Skiing – competed in the Provincials in 2011
  • In  Special O Rhythmic Gymnastics – competing and medaling in the 2013 SOBC Provincial Summer Games

Favourite colour:

Favourite movie:
Halloween High, Legally Blonde

Favourite food:
pizza and hamburgers with fries

Favourite song:
Taylor Swift -” Jump and Fall ”  One Direction –

Biggest Fans:
Mom and  Dad, brother Josh , cousins Jade , Julie, Kari Anne and Brandon
Friends – Anina, Alexa, Kara and Sophie
Friends at Burnaby Hospice Thirft Store – Hans, Lasha, Barb and Blanche

Favourite Hobby:
knitting scarves, baking cookies, tarts, and muffins

What you like about SOBC:
I like SOBC because I have friends at SOBC,  and make new friends at SOBC.  I  have fun and we always celebrate birthdays.  I like going to the SOBC dances because I like to dance and I like the music.  I learn to ski better and I learn gymnastics skills.