Nicola Von Rosen

Years involved with Special Olympics:  17 years.

Sport(s) you coach: Snow Shoeing, Swimming, Track and Field and sometimes I keep score bowling.

How you became involved: I’ve been with Special O as long as I’ve been with Lynn and Nancy.

What do I like about coaching Special O athletes: I love all the different ways that our atheletes participate in Special Olympics. Some are fiercely competitive and others are happy to help their competition tie their shoelace in the middle of the race and then continue to trot BEHIND them across the finish line. This diversity is what I like about coaching the atheletes.

Best accomplishments: My best accomplishment is not really my own accomplishment. Lynn and Nancy have been able to put up with me for 17 years. hee hee

General: Rest assured that where you find Nancy Wilson and Lynn Mudry, Nicola is nearby.  Although she serves as their caregiver, she has devoted 17 years to helping, not just them, but all the athletes.  Our Local is lucky that Nancy, Lynn and their families have such good taste!