Nancy Anotonio


SPORTS YOU COACH: I now coach 10 Pin Bowling but have been involved with swimming and soccer in the past.

HOW YOU BECAME INVOLVED: I became involved with Special Olympics when I started dating my now husband. His brother did many sports but was doing 5 pin bowling at the time. They needed another score keeper and I had bowled in the past so said I would help. The rest is history. I am still with them and enjoy it immensely.

WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT COACHING SPECIAL O ATHLETES: I love to see the athletes grow in confidence with themselves and with others. Some of the athletes are so quiet and its nice to see them emerge into outgoing individuals.

BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN COACHING: My best accomplishment in coaching was when one of the athletes qualified for provincials and then went on to win the gold at the world games I couldn’t stop smiling for weeks. I felt that it was me going and winning the gold for our area.