Laura Marshall

YEARS INVOLVED WITH SPECIAL OLYMPICS: I just competed my first year volunteering with 5 pin bowling. The first of many years, I have a feeling.

WHAT IS YOUR VOLUNTEER POSITION: I am a scorekeeper for 5 pin bowling on the North Shore.

HOW YOU BECAME INVOLVED: A co-worker who is highly involved with Special Olympics asked me if I was interested. I am so fortunate that she did as it has been the highlight of my week since.

WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT VOLUNTEERING: The athletes, volunteers and caregivers I spend time with are hands down the best part of volunteering. The social atmosphere is positive and supportive and benefits everyone involved. Smiles are contagious and encouragement is ever present. I am lucky to be involved.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT OR EVENT AS A VOLUNTEER: Oh, so many to choose from! I greatly enjoyed the pizza party before the Christmas break. The disco and laser lights were dazzling, the music blaring. It was nice to see the athletes let loose and try out some daring bowling styles. I saw impressive moves like the Backwards Granny and the Fred Flintstone and personal groove that could put Dancing with the Stars contestants to shame. So much fun!