Kim Whaley

YEARS INVOLVED WITH SPECIAL OLYMPICS: 6 years in Ontario and 7 years in Region 5 – Vancouver and North Shore

SPORT(S ) YOU COACH: Presently coaching swimming and snowshoeing. Have coached track and soccer.

HOW YOU BECAME INVOLVED: I worked with an athlete in Ontario, whose family invited me to become involved. When I moved to Vancouver, I wanted to continue working with Special Olympics and went with the athletes who lived in the group home where I was employed.

WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT COACHING SPECIAL OLYMPICS ATHLETES: When I see athletes who have been training hard, attain their personal goals and seeing the genuine joy that sport brings to their lives

BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN COACHING: Being able to use the coaching skills my figure skating coaches taught me, help me work with a variety of athletes in different sports. Working with the athletes from the Local level, right up to National Games.