Jim Juilfs

Years involved: This is my first year.

Sports coached: Softball B.  I helped out with John Hanbury in the start up of the youth sports program but that was some time ago.  I have coached both my daughters in community sports for a number of years.

How involved: coaching daughter.

What do I like about coaching Special O athletes: The athletes’ enthusiasm and willingness to try their best.

Best accomplishments: Implementing one of our newest programs, Softball B program.  The reason for my coaching Special O Softball B is actually a little selfish – Danielle had played community softball in the Girls fastball league for many years, but the level of play in her age group has now passed her skill level.  To provide an opportunity for her to continue playing softball this year at a competitive level, I enquired about a softball B team.  As there was no team on the North Shore, I asked around and there seemed to be an interest in starting a team, so with the help of Vic Tilton, the team has now “launched”.

I would also like to mention is the terrific support provided by the SOBC office during my initial investigation on setting up the program.  The North Shore local has also provided a huge amount of encouragement, financial support with a generous budget to get the program off the ground,  and numerous volunteers stepping forward to offer help at the practices.