Jennifer Hewlett

Years involved with Special Olympics:  I have been involved with Special Olympics for the past 3 years on the North Shore.My first experience with Special Olympic athletes came from my time volunteering with VASS at Grouse Mountain for several seasons.

Sport(s) you coach:  Fit Club

How you became involved: My greatest inspiration has been a great friend of mine, Mark Stevens.  Mark and my daughter grew up together and attended school from kindergarten to graduation. Over the years, Mark has been an active member of our community and a great role model for fun and fitness…I would see Mark regularly playing street hockey….basketball…riding his scooter and cheering on the Canucks each year.  After spending time with Mark and his fabulous family, I felt that I just needed to provide an opportunity for Mark and his friends to have their own space… CLUB FIT was established last year as a pilot program to promote physical fitness, increase self esteem, encourage student friendships and offer some FRESH AIR dance moves that have become legendary! GREASE LIGHTNING FOREVER!!

What do I like about coaching Special O athletes:  The most important aspect of coaching the CLUB FIT program is creating a solid foundation of friendship and fitness through a non competitive atmosphere such as dance or music.  All of our volunteers are students from the community who range in age from 13 to 25.  The relationships that blossom as the program grows is the greatest gift one could hope for…I have seen the power of the human touch at work….all these volunteers give their time, their hearts and their friendship to those who they would normally never have the opportunity to meet.  CLUB FIT builds character…gives us hope…it nurtures our souls and is good for the heart…

Best accomplishments: The greatest accomplishment is watching the power of youth….together we are stronger!