Gallagher Stevens

Gallagher Stevens

WHAT YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT SOBC:  SOBC means a lot of things to Gallagher. It gives him a chance to focus on his goals, train hard and spend time with his friends. Being an SOBC athlete is very important to Gallagher and playing sports is his favorite thing to do. 

SPORTS:  Golf, swimming, basketball, floor hockey and bocce ball.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT:  Cultivating a passion for all of the sports he plays. In particular when his floor hockey team made it to provincials.

FAVORITE COLOR:  Green, because it reminds him of nature and he loves to be outside.

FAVORITE MOVIE:  The Hunger Games

FAVORITE FOOD:  Salads and fruit smoothies. Gallagher makes a smoothie in his Nutribullet blender every week.

FAVORITE SONG:  Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. It’s easy to dance to and it makes him feel happy.

BIGGEST FANS:  My biggest fans are my family and my girlfriend. They are always encouraging me to be a better athlete and to exhibit good sportsmanship.