Emilie Narcise

SPORT:  Basketball, 5 Pin Bowling, Track & Field and Softball

WHAT YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT SOBC:  My favourite sport is basketball.  I like Special Olympics because I like being with my friends.  I have fun.  I love going to the dances.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT:  Qualifying for the Basketball Provincials.  Also, winning a trophy at this year’s Bowling banquet  for Most Pins Above Average.  This was my first year in Bowling.


FAVOURITE BOOK:  I don’t really have a favourite.

FAVOURITE MOVIE:  Mama Mia and Harry Potter.

FAVOURITE FOOD:   Sweet and Sour Pork.

FAVOURITE SONG:  I like lots of songs.  My favourite singer is Celine Dion.

BIGGEST FANS: My family, my coworker Kelly Klein and Zak.