2014 Summer Nationals

Congratulations SOBC – North Shore for a magnificent performance at the 2014 National Summer Games! 


Thirteen of our fourteen athletes medalled at The Games and each and every one had stellar performances! Whether overcoming injuries, reaching personal bests, role modelling to other athletes, showing spirit or medalling, you made us proud! You encompass all that Special Olympics stands for…DIGINITY, STRENGTH, DETERMINATION and INSPIRATION!!! Thank you for showing Canada just how terrific our local really is!

Thank you to Special Olympics Canada, the Games Committee and SOBC Provincial Office for a wonderful Games experience! Thanks to UBC and the Zone Bowling Centre for the beautiful venues! Canada now knows, without a doubt, how very fortunate we, in British Columbia, are! Thank you to the many families, friends and fans for your spirited support! Special thanks to our coaches, training coaches and to the volunteers who helped ready our athletes all year long and, most of all, thanks to our athletes! Without you we simply wouldn’t exist!




Pictured above are all Team BC athletes and coaches. Team BC Basketball proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Every single BC basketball athlete medalled at the the Games. Athletes Pierce Burns, Mike Joseph and David Shoring (pick ups for Coquitlam) earned a bronze medal. Pierce was the most valuable player on their team while Mike offered unparalleled defence. David offered consistency and halftime entertainment. He and a newly found friend from Saskatchewan wowed the crowd with their impressive dance moves. Tyrone Liebenberg’s (pick up for Langley) team had 3 wins and 1 loss and brought home a gold medal, beating Manitoba (the only team they lost to by 2 points), in the gold medal game. Nick Kellof, Josh Moon and Billy Peterson (pick up players for Surrey) brought home a bronze after a hard fought battle. They won it in double overtime! Josh was a great defender, Billy was an awesome player and coach (assisting his teammates with advice from the bench) and Nick Kellof was by far the most impressive player for his team, leading them in minutes, points, assists and hustle plays per game! Finally, congratulations to coaches Zak Klein, Jimmy Peterson and Jayne Baggot and athlete Sangon Yoo for an outstanding showing. They, along with Vancouver’s Rahim Adatia, Nicolas Bobek, Shane Carr, Casey Cochran, Jacky Law, Jeff Leung, Alex Pang and Campbell River’s Michelle Forberg formed the BC GRRRizzlies. The GRRRizzlies (Vancouver) had the best overall record at the Games! They had a perfect record, won the gold and had the fewest points scored against them! Head Coach Zak Klein and Athlete Sangeon Yoo can be seen celebrating their gold victory just seconds after the game (below). Zak and Jimmy started the North Shore basketball program 8 years ago, were the youngest coaches at National Games and together, with Jayne, overcame adversity and led their team to a phenomenal finish! SOBC – North Shore could not be more proud of our athletes and coaches!!!





Congratulations to Rhythmic Gymnast Danielle Juilfs. Danielle went to Nationals in London, Ontario four years ago and placed just shy of a medal. Her “never say never” attitude, along with the support of her parents Jim & Susan, sister Chantal, Training Coach Celia Grant and SOBC – North Shore, helped Danielle secure 1 gold and 2 bronze medals at this year’s National Games! Danielle placed 4th overall, which means she is the BEST in BC! Danielle is pictured here with Celia Grant after learning she won the gold. The inset was taken just after finding out she didn’t medal in London.




IMG_6164Track stars Kara Williams, Stephan Schoeller and Manuel Enright added to our medal count. Kara Williams won a silver medal in the 200m with a time of 00:34.72. This was a PERSONAL BEST!!! Manuel Enright earned a silver medal for the 1500m (4 laps) after running it in 06:39.90 and a bronze medal for the 5000m (12 1/2 laps), which he ran in 26:48.30. Although he did not medal in the 3,000m and placed 5th, it was his best technical race EVER!!! Manuel proved to be the comeback kid after conquering an injury. Steve Schoeller won gold in the 200m with a speedy 00:28.08 race and a bronze for the 100m race with a time of 00:13.55. We are extremely proud of all three of these athletes!









Gary Jones may not have medalled in the Games, but as always, he gave it his all! Gary represented us for 10 Pin Bowling and is one of our 10 still active charter athletes, having been with us all 30 years. It is quite something that after 30 years, Gary is still representing us at such high levels of competition. Gary has gone to National Games three previous times throughout his career. Gary is an inspiration to athletes as he understands how important attitude is to athleticism. He is a role model to all athletes and has rightfully earned the respect of his peers, volunteers, coaches, fans and the executive! Thank you Gary for all that you give to SOBC – North Shore!



Superior swimmer, Rob Misjak, brought home a gold for the 50M Butterfly with a time of 00:50.33 and two bronze medals. He earned third place in the 100m Freestyle with a time of 1:28.42 and also in the 4X50 Freestyle Relay where his team swam 02:33.45. Rob out swam his qualifying times in both his individual races. Rob has been to 6 National Games and to World Games once! He was awarded the Athletic Achievement Award at our Diamond Gala.