2013 Summer Provincials

Congratulations to everyone!

SOBC Summer Games
How can one possibly capture in mere words all the pride and gratitude that I hold for each and every one of our ATHLETES, COACHES, TEAM MANAGERS, VOLUNTEERS, FAMILY MEMBERS, FRIENDS and FANS?!

SOBC – North Shore absolutely shone this weekend at the 2013 BC Summer Games from beginning to end and I could not be more proud of our local. As I said at Park Royal on your way to Langley, whether you brought home gold, silver, bronze or just happy memories, I am proud. This is definitely the case … however, we now get to boast numerous medals as the North Shore brought home so many. We also exceeded various personal bests and we definitely earned GOLD for MOST SPIRITED!

Each and every one of you embodied all that was necessary to make this weekend a magical and everlasting one and I hope that you will cherish these memories as much as I do! Whether celebrating the triumph of victory or suffering the agony of defeat, hold your heads high knowing that you have worked tremendously hard and that you are a championship team!

SOBC – North Shore, you are, without a doubt, THE BEST LOCAL, and it is both a privilege and an honour to serve as your coordinator! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the EXCELLENCE!

~ Kelly Klein
SOBC – North Shore Local Coordinator



Bo Ashley Bardot
Arnold Beaumont
Louann Berglof
Melanie Caulder
Scott Hjortoy
Ashley Freund
Janet Laing
Sheila Lim
Adam Marriott
Lynn McGuire
Emilie Narcise
Caity Olsen
Joann Patterson
Carissa Ranson
Dene Rosang
Nimet Salemohamed
John Ward-Hall
Jeff Westmoreland
Nancy Wilson
Lisa Wortley
Shannon Wotton


Dini Anotinio
Robert Brown
Gary Jones
Lorraine McLatchie
Shannon McCartney
Kelson Roberts


Fred Collins
Emma Henderson
Belinda Lyle
Nick Mascott
Mary McLaughlin
Robert Misjak
Gallagher Stevens


David Delatorre
Manuel Enright
Jay MacInnes
West-Lee Mayo
Lynn Mudry
Jesse Price
Steve Schoeller
Kara Williams


The North Shore WILDCATS

Erol Gunenc
Nick Kellof
Tyrone Liebenberg
Joshua Moon
Tina Palkowski
Billy Peterson
Steve Schoeller

The North Shore PINKS

Pierce Burns
Jeff Keast
Graham Kidd
Siann Montgomery
Jeremy Sellars
David Shoring
Kristina Tammark
Sangeon Yoo


George Doykov
Jeanne Slight


Paul Baldwin
Aiden Fisher-Lang
Jim Richter


Eleanor Comsia
Danielle Juilfs
Mary-Ann Saunders
Jody Klukas
Jessica Der
Tania Salih
Karen Lu


Chris Forster


Mark Davies
Alex Evanshen
Rafael Greenaway
Tayia Hawco
Erin Imai
Wayan Lantela
Lauren Philley
Peter Russell
Albert Schoemaker
Christie Tilton