Carol Imai


WHAT IS YOUR VOLUNTEER POSITION: 5 Pin Bowling Scorekeeper, Certification Coordinator, and Registration and Walkathon Committees Member.

HOW YOU BECAME INVOLVED: My daughter, Erin, started in what used to be called “Youth Sports” and is now involved in Basketball, Floor Hockey C, 5 Pin Bowling, Track and Field and Softball B.

WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT VOLUNTEERING: I enjoy being with the athletes. They are all special people and it is great when I meet them on the bus or out walking and they come and talk to me. I also enjoy watching them in their sports. They are so enthusiastic and do incredibly well.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT OR EVENT AS A VOLUNTEER: I really enjoy the walkathon and the commitment and enthusiasm each athlete brings to this event. I am astounded at the money each athlete raises for our Local.