Adele Shein

YEARS INVOLVED WITH SPECIAL OLYMPICS: I have been involved with SO for three years.

WHAT IS YOUR VOLUNTEER POSITION: I have been the Volunteer Coordinator on the Executive Committee for this past year. I also help with Track & Field and Floor Hockey.

HOW YOU BECAME INVOLVED: How I came across SO was walking my dog at Handsworth. I came across the track team practicing and watched with amazement, the abilities of these athletes and felt ashamed of my laziness.

WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT VOLUNTEERING: Now that I am volunteering I love working and conversing with the athletes.  They are all special and make me feel happy.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT OR EVENT AS A VOLUNTEER: My most memorable moment is the Richmond track meet, seeing each athlete’s full potential and accomplishments, I was overjoyed with emotion. I feel blessed to be involved with this organization and have met many lovely new friends.